Getting involved in PacificTA

The PacificTA programme benefits everyone involved: the participating Pacific Island-based and New Zealand-based local government staff, and the citizens we support within our countries. 


Pacific Island requests for assistance

Getting involved is a simple process – first you need to ascertain you fit the PacificTA criteria.

If you are based in the Cook Islands, Kiribati, Niue, Papua New Guinea, Samoa, Solomon Islands, Vanuatu, Tokelau, Tuvalu, Fiji and Tonga – you are eligible for PacificTA support.

Applications can be made year-round. Simply download and print out the application form and send it to us with details of your project. The PacificTA Manager and team will be in touch to take you through the rest.

“We would draft the [Terms of Reference] and give it to [LGNZ]. And [they] give feedback…it’s straightforward.”

Pacific Island country government stakeholder

“Our procurement system is very complicated…and sometimes that can have an implication on the timeframe of project delivery. We’ve had really great help from [the PacificTA].”

Pacific Island country government stakeholder


New Zealand-based involvement

If you work in a local government authority in New Zealand you may be eligible to lend your skills to the PacificTA. Please email the PacificTA Manager with a brief description of your skill set.



Ongoing mentoring

Building relationships between practitioners is a fundamental part of the PacificTA. Many participants to date have enjoyed an ongoing mentoring relationship with informal advice and support continuing long after the technical assistance visits have finished.

“I think it’s been really important having that continuity - and that’s why I have stayed with this. I think it’s a fantastic project and I’d like to see an outcome from it (not only from the time I’ve put into it, but locally)…You build up a knowledge of the history of the project, that’s been critical for this to work.”

New Zealand local government stakeholder

“I think the goodwill and the relationships that we’ve built up through the work has been critical, absolutely critical to the success of the project so far. And you do need to spend time with people to develop those relationships. I’ve put a bit of time into this project, and I’ve done that quite willingly…There is huge good will we can engender through these projects.”

New Zealand local government stakeholder